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Why Planning Your Retirement Needs to Start Earlier Than You Think

By Nick Platt, Henwood Court, 12/20/2019

RLP® and Master of Life Planning Nick Platt of Henwood Court Financial Planning wrote a blog article about the benefits of starting the life planning process at least 5-10 years before retirement. In his article, he discusses steps you can take to get energized about life after you leave your job, the benefits of a life plan, and how to get started on a life plan.

Speaking to how a planner can help in this process, Nick writes, “[they] can help you to create your plan and build the financial infrastructure required for you to afford the life you want. They can also hold you accountable for the things you have said you are going to do, encourage action, and make your plan transformational.

“5 Things To Look For When Hiring a Financial Planner or Financial Adviser”, with Frankie Corrado and Tyler Gallagher

By Tyler Gallagher, Authority Magazine via Medium, 12/11/2019

Kinder Institute Registered Life Planner® Frankie Corrado speaks about George’s most recent book, A Golden Civilization: “It’s a beautiful attempt at visualizing the world we want our children and grandchildren to inherit and an authentic attempt at solutions and methods to get there.

George Kinder: Global Vision Grows with Speaking Tour

By George Kinder, Financial Planning Today, 11/28/2019

George writes an article for Financial Planning Today about his recent World Book Tour for his latest book, A Golden Civilization and the Map of Mindfulness. He writes, “I am on a mission to inspire more participative democracy, more action, and to bring about a Golden Civilization within a generation. And thanks to conversationalists all over the globe, particularly in the UK, the torch for civilisation is getting brighter.”

Exclusive: Serenity Financial Planning makes new acquisition

By Craig and Guzz Burgess and Tina Weeks, Financial Planning Today, 11/28/2019

Tina Weeks, Registered Life Planner®, founder of Serenity Life Planning, speaks about the company’s new acquisition, Blackstone Wealth Management, and how she plans to bring life planning to these clients.

Preparing for the Upcoming Recession

By Brian Thompson, Forbes, 11/24/2019

Brian Thompson, an attendee of a Kinder Institute 2-Day Seven Stages of Money Maturity Workshop, explains how a life planner “puts your interests first and focuses on increasing your sense of financial well-being. So, we help you do things like clarify your values, goals and dreams. We then use that vision to help design a life that is fulfilling and purposeful. In addition, we increase your understanding of specific habits that help support your financial and life goals. Lastly, we deal with emotional conflicts around money.

How to Set Financial Goals for the Future

By Tensing Rodrigues, The Navhind Times, 11/4/2019

George’s 3 Questions are cited as a way to help identify your goals for your life, focusing not just on monetary amounts, but be “awake to the possibilities, immerse ourselves in the feelings that would arise at such a moment, and look at life as it really is, not as we tend to imagine it to be, or would like it to be [and] notice the change in feelings as we move from the first scenario to the second to the third.”

How to Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of a Good Retirement

By Alessandra Malito, Marketwatch, 11/13/2019

This article discusses the importance of aligning your goals with your finances and the importance of coaching to help facilitate these conversations. George is quoted.

Old Guard Be Warned! The Next Generation Is Preparing to Take Over

By Jack Gilbert, Citywire, 10/31/2019

This article covered the NextGen Planners community’s annual conference in Manchester. Included in the financial adviser profiles are Registered Life Planners®, Jo Little and Tina Weeks.

Get to Know Your Clients. Then Lead Them to Their Mountain

By Frank and Frankie Corrado, Financial Advisor, 10/22/2019

Registered Life Planners® Frank and Frankie Corrado share their approach to financial life planning and how it is different from traditional financial advising models. “We coach clients on how to move forward with their lives, how to set and achieve goals, and how to overcome obstacles that may be blocking them from reaching their full potential.

Manage the Investor, Not the Investment

By Kevin Feather, IOL, 10/21/2019

This article highlights a shift to life planning as one of the main takeaways from the recent Humans Under Management (HUM) conference held in Cape Town. George’s 3 Questions are included as the best way to get to the essence of what is important in a person’s life.

Financial planning founders started a movement — and created a profession

Investment News, 9/14/2019

George Kinder is listed as one of 20 people who helped shape the financial planning industry in InvestmentNews’s “50th anniversary of financial planning’“ cover story.

“George Kinder is widely viewed as the father of the life-planning movement, heralding an era in which financial advisers intertwine ideas of human emotion with financial decision-making . . . [to] help clients follow their dreams.”

Where Health and Wealth Intersect: Marca Life Planning

By James J. Green, Think Advisor, 8/27/2019

This article profiles Registered Life® Planner Jeanne Smith and how she uses her training as a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and as a life planner to help her clients through major transitional stages as they age.

A Different Perspective on Retirement

By Larissa Fernand, Morningstar India, 8/26/2019

George’s thoughts are included as one of several expert opinions on retirement and why our conception of it should change: “Retirement is a concept that comes out of our corporate and industrial structure. Where we are working a job until we become redundant to them. Otherwise, why would anyone retire from doing what they love?”

Life Planning Helps Shift Focus from Planning to Life

By Ravi Samalad, Morningstar India, 8/20/2019

This article profiles Registered Life Planner® Indresh Malik.

Life Planning Includes Financial Planning

By Anand Kalyanaraman, Hindu BusinessLine, 8/18/2019

This article covers CFA Society India’s 4th India Wealth Management conference, where George Kinder spoke about Life Planning, Mindfulness, and A Golden Civilization.

Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisors

Investopedia, 8/7/2019

The Investopedia 100 celebrates financial advisors who are making significant contributions to critical conversations about financial literacy, investing strategies, life-stage planning and wealth management. They influence the practice of financial advice, and help educate millions of investors. Registered Life Planner® Ryan Inman is included.

‘Principles of What is Right must be Followed for a Fair Market,’ say Industry Experts at the 4th India Wealth Management Conference

MenaFN, 8/6/2019

This article covers the 4th India Wealth Management Conference, where George was a speaker.

A Person May Be Materially Successful but Not at Peace

By Ravi Samalad, Morningstar India, 8/1/2019

This article profiles Registered Life Planner® Vivek Damani.

The New Generation of Financial Advice

By Cristina Livadary, XY Planning Network, 7/30/2019

This article by Registered Life Planner® Cristina Livadary discusses financial management lessons such as learning your money messages and the importance of finding a financial advisor with a commitment to fiduciary instead of just suitability. She makes an argument for the changing world of financial advice and its improvement toward inclusivity.

Adviser Profile: Andrew Brook-Dobson and Matt Kiddle of bdb

By Tim Cooper, New Model Advisor, 7/24/2019

This article profiles Andrew Brook-Dobson, a Registered Life Planner®, and Matt Kiddle from bdb.

Life Two: What we used to call ‘retirement’ 

By Don Ezra, Financial Times, 7/19/2019

George’s 3 Questions are cited as a way to help clients discover their goals for “Life Two,” the author’s rebranding of Retirement.

George Kinder: Life Planning at the Service of the Earth

By Willem Vreeswijk, New Financial Forum, 7/15/2019

This article summarizes George’s speech at a life planning event in the Netherlands. His latest book, A Golden Civilization and the importance of meditation as they relate to life planning, were both discussed.

Profile: George Kinder, the father of life planning

By Dominic Dudley, CISI – The Review, 6/14/2019

In this interview with CISI, George discusses Life Planning, the importance of Listening, and his newest book about freedom, called A Golden Civilization and the Map of Mindfulness.

A Great Way to Arrive at Financial Goals

By Larissa Fernard, Morningstar India, 5/27/2019

“Individuals operate with an amorphous goal of “amassing wealth” rather than thinking through the specifics of what they would like to accomplish. A great starting point is looking at your needs and dreams; it helps you formulate goals that are extremely relevant.” George’s 3 Questions are listed as the way to go about this discovery.

How the NMA Editor Became a Financial Planning Client

By Will Robbins, New Model Advisor, 5/2/2019

“Editor Will Robins speaks to life planning guru George Kinder about gaining client trust, plans to condense his methodology for the mass market and a new book on politics. Plus Will reveals how he has become a financial planning client himself.”

Kelly Adams of Habor Light Planning on Using the ACP Model to Grow Your Advisory Practice

By Marie Swift, Impact Communications, 4/10/2019

Interview with RLP® Kelly Adams about fee-only financial planning and incorporating life planning into your practice.

‘Life Planning Helped Me Be More Empathetic’

By Ravi Samalad, Morningstar India, 3/9/2019

Profile interview with Registered Life Planner® Yogita Dand.

Financial Advisors: Are You An Explainer, Elucidator Or Enchanter?

By Tim Maurer, Forbes, 3/3/2019

Tim lists George’s books and the Kinder Institute’s trainings as a resource for advisors hoping to become Enchanters instead of just an Explainer or an Elucidator. “Enchanters don’t lecture and often don’t even recommend. They guide. They don’t take control. They empower. They don’t limit options. They expand their number.”

How to give clients the best conversation of their lives

By Ellie Duncan, Financial Times Adviser, 1/23/2019

This article interviews George and how he developed his life planning methodology, its heavy focus on fiduciary, and how we should all be wary of product sales in the financial advising industry.