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The #1 New Years Resolution to Try for in 2021: Determine Your Enough

By Brian Thompson, Forbes, 12/31/2020

In this Forbes article Registered Life Planner® Brian Thompson gives readers an opportunity to reflect and determine what is enough for them using a few tools that focus on the past, present, and future. It’s a great read to kick off 2021.

Funding Fertility: How Financial Planning Helped Our Fertility Journey

By Will Robbins, New Model Adviser, 12/23/2020

New Model Adviser editor Will Robins writes of the experience he and his wife had working with financial Life Planners Jo Little and Alfie Mullan on their path to becoming parents. Both Jo and Alfie hold the Registered Life Planner® designation and this story is a testament to what Life Planning can do for clients.

David Gardner: Can Three Questions Help You Live A Better Life?

By David Gardner, Daily Camera, 12/13/2020

David Gardner shares George Kinder’s Three Questions during a period where many people are thinking about the flexibility this year has given them and how they want to continue (or stop) working in the coming year!

Life Planning AKA “Financial Planning Done Right”

By Danika Waddell, Xena Financial Planning, 12/8/2020

Danika Waddell writes about her recent Kinder Institute trainings and how she plans to “keep becoming.” Even after hearing the Three Questions in numerous podcasts, it took experiencing the training for her to discover their full transformative power!

Kinder Institute of Life Planning Awards 500 Registered Life Planner® Designations Globally

By KI Staff, PR Newswire, 12/5/2020

This news was just too good not to share on a large scale. This press release celebrates our Registered Life Planner® designation and includes a great quote from Michael Kitces!

Money maturity — and generosity — can make the holidays brighter

By Chuck Jaffe, Seattle Times, 12/5/2020

George Kinder was quoted in Chuck Jaffe’s article on the benefits of charity, both financial and otherwise, this holiday season. “Charity gives us pleasure and changes the world in positive ways. Right now we need that, for ourselves, for our community, for our country, for everyone.”

Uncovering Your Client’s Values While Sharing Your Own

By BB Webb, XY Planning Network, 11/13/2020

BB Webb, Sales Coach for XY Planning Network, captures the value of “finding out where a prospect wants to go in life and how their money, in part, can help get them there” in her recent XY Planning Network blog, by highlighting enthusiastically Kinder Institute’s Life Planning methodology to first uncover a client’s heart’s core, and then suggests proving that your skillset is perfectly suited to help them to move toward living this ideal life.

How Covid-19 Will Change Aging and Retirement

By Anne Tergesen, The Wall Street Journal, 11/15/2020

“Many retirees are frustrated that the virus is interrupting plans to travel and see grandchildren. But the break from routine has also freed up time to assess plans, values and the kind of legacies we want to leave” As a result, George Kinder says more of his clients—and the clients of financial advisers who train with him—are re-evaluating what’s important in their lives and changing their plans.

Life After 50: Nostalgia and regret are powerful planning prompts

By Ollie Smith, New Model Adviser, 9/16/2020

Tina Winter, RLP at Balance Wealth Planning, was interviewed about how life planning can helps clients prioritize later in life. One of her clients is creating his own tabletop board game!

A Framework for Financial Freedom

By Andy Jervis, Chesterton House, 9/16/2020

Andy Jervis shared George Kinder’s Seven Stages of Money Maturity in this blog post and how teaching this philosophy to his clients has led to profound changes in how they live their lives.

Bodhisattva Work: Bringing One’s Heart to Financial and Life Planning Home

By Tsering Namgyal, BuddhistDoor Global, 8/22/2020

George Kinder shares how meditative practice can benefit financial planners in their conversations with clients, discusses his own practice of secular Buddhism, explains how his Map of Mindfulness realigns space and time around the present moment (and freedom) and details his revolutionary economic thinking about the fiduciary standard.

Journey Home

By Ian Bloom,, 8/13/2020

Registered Life Planner® Ian Bloom of Open World Financial Planning shares the final installment of the three post series he started after his EVOKE® training in Hana last January. It’s been an eventful and transformative six months!

Praise for Ed Jacobson

By Don Ezra,, 7/31/2020

Don Ezra shares his recollection of a speech Ed gave at an AICPA conference many years back and adds his perspective now after reading Ed’s book, Appreciative Moments. As a Lead Trainer for the Kinder Institute, Ed dedicated much of his time to helping financial planners build trustworthy relationships with their clients and helping those clients discover lives of profound meaning.

Bad Advice on TikTok: Can financial advisors fight back

By Ryan W. Neal, Financial Planning, 7/23/2020

Neal raises some questions about the misleading content financial advisors might be facing when it comes to sharing information via other less qualified social influencers. Registered Life Planner® Ian Bloom shares his own strategies for combatting disinformation.

4 Top Tips to Make WFH a Success

By George Kinder, Financial Planning Today, 7/10/2020

Keeping in mind the principles of EVOKE®, George Kinder shares four tips for holding Life Planning virtually. These tips are inspired from Kinder Institute’s own experience converting its trainings from residential to virtual.

40 Under 40

By Evan Cooper, Investment News, 6/2020

Registered Life Planner® Cristina Livadary, co-founder of Mana Life Design was named one of Investment News’ 40 Under 40.

Purpose And Profit: 4 Keys To Creating A Profitable Mission-Driven Business

By Brian Thompson, Forbes, 6/9/20

Brian Thompson Financial wrote about George Kinder’s Three Questions in this article for Forbes about creating a profitable, mission-driven business. The tactics are Passion, Vision, Strategy, and Tactics.

Exploring Goals Beyond Travel

By Kris Amliwala, Voyant Blog, 6/4/20

How do you help your clients adjust their life plan when their post retirement plans center on travel? Registered Life Planner® Kris Amliwala shares some ways that financial planners can work with their clients to redirect their life plans until it becomes safe to travel.

Advisers need super hearing and super patience

By Gill Cardy, Money Marketing, 6/3/20

Registered Life Planner® Gill Cardy says financial planners’ “priorities are changing, but our advice is important for clients,” quoting George Kinder’s letter to life planners at the start of stay at home orders in an article for Money Marketing.

Retirement is not just about saving

By Larissa Fernand, Morningstar, 4/20/2020

George Kinder is quoted in this Morningstar, Inc. article about a couple choosing to use “quarantine found time” to life plan themselves with George’s Three Questions.

Wisdom and Life Planning in the Coronavirus Era

By George Kinder, Financial Planning Today, 4/6/2020

Some thoughts from our founder George Kinder regarding the coronavirus and how we can look to the future:

“Wisdom must be our guide as we emerge from this crisis. We must ask ourselves how we want to be as a culture, as a species, and as a civilization. These are really important questions that get to the essence of who we are/must be on this planet.”

Retirees, Build a Financial Plan That’s Based on You

By Mary Kane, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, 4/2/2020

A recent Kiplinger’s Retirement Report article featured life planning , following the story of a couple whose financial adviser “instead of just reviewing their investments and budget, asked more wide-ranging questions about the couple’s values and beliefs, and whether their financial goals reflected them.”

The 1 tactic advisors should use during the coronavirus crisis

By Ann Marsh, Financial Planning, 3/26/2020

George Kinder’s interview with Financial Planning about life planning and mindfulness speaks to how the industry’s been affected by the coronavirus. RLP®s and assistant trainers Cristina Livadary and Brad Tafoya weigh in with some recent experiences from their life planning practices.

How I digitised a life planning proposition

By Steve Conley, New Model Adviser Citywire, 3/20/20

Steve Conley, Master of Life Planning and Registered Life Planner® wrote an article for New Model Adviser Citywire about the benefits of not running a roboadviser, and not having to be regulated by the FCA. Steve, a Chartered Financial Planner®, is able to work from home.

Chartered Financial Planner in Spain Jonathan Holdaway Reveals the Importance of Hiring a Life Planner

By Jonathan Holdaway, The Olive Press, 3/1/2020

Jonathan Holdaway shares his experience at a recent 2-Day Seven Stages of Money Maturity Workshop and gives an explanation of why financial life planning is the more comprehensive choice when it comes to financial advice.

George Kinder’s Blueprint to Close the Trust Gap with Skittish Clients

By David Sterman, RIA Intel, 2/19/2020

Our training programs, the 5-Day EVOKE® Life Planning Residential Training and the 2-Day Seven Stages of Money Maturity Workshop were highlighted in a recent article for RIA Intel, where George gave an interview.

Journey in Hana

By Ian Bloom,, 2/13/2020

In his second article about the EVOKE® 5-Day Life Planning Residential Training in which he recently participated in January, Ian Bloom shares how the process of being life planned feels and how his personal and professional life has changed in the month since.

How Will You Measure Your Life?

By Brian Plain,, 2/8/2020

Capturing the importance of the 3 Questions against the backdrop of the collective recognition of our own mortality, Brian Plain writes, “This present moment is all that is promised to us. And that makes right now the best time to start living your life with greater intention and alignment towards what matters most to you and your family.

Are You Living Your Ideal Life? Can Life Planning Help?

By Jeff Spitzmiller,, 2/7/2020

Jeff Spitzmiller captures the reasons why someone should consider life planning instead of just financial planning in a blog for his firm, Ohana Life Planning:

“So how can a life planner help you? They give you the permission to dream and to reignite those long-forgotten passions. To create a life that provides you freedom, joy, and fulfillment. To realize that beyond a career you should be looking for your mission in life. Getting paid to do what you love along with finding joy outside of work. Things that showcase your energy and passion. To realize that your life can be better. That typically the only person standing in your way is you!”

Confessions of a Comprehensive Planner

By Meg Bartelt,, 1/29/2020

Meg Bartelt shares a personal story of her experience at the 5-Day EVOKE® Residential Training in Hana and how it has made her think of how she will frame her role as a financial planner moving forward. She captures well the role of the life planner and the importance of deep listening.

Financial Planner vs. Financial *Life* Planner: Which one is the ‘right one’ for me?

By Cristina Livadary,, 1/24/2020

After assisting with a recent 5-Day EVOKE® training, Cristina defines Life Planning and how it is different from financial planning on the Mana Financial Life Design blog. She shares when clients would want to choose a life planner over a financial planner. Spoiler: It’s Every Time!

Financial Planning: The Next Episode

By Justin Castelli,, 1/24/2020

Justin Castelli describes the “Next Episode” of Financial Advising as one where the goal is a “deeper, more meaningful relationship, with the adviser walking alongside their clients through their financial lives.

Journey to Hana

By Ian Bloom,, 1/23/2020

Ian Bloom of Open World Financial Planning shares his career story and 2-Day Seven Stages of Money Maturity workshop experience in the first installment of a three-part series on his blog. Ian saw life planning as a way to put his clients’ needs first.

Curveball Clarity

By Blair duQuensey,, 1/6/2020

In this article, Blair discusses using George’s famous 3 Questions to emulate the clarity we have about living a life of purpose when we experience one of life’s curveballs. Being proactive about creating a life plan helps us to navigate our lives without being forced to make life-altering financial decisions in moments of stress.