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10 Parent Tips to Make Money-Smart Kids

By Chris Carosa, Forbes, 4/8/2021

George Kinder quoted in this Forbes article about parental advice for teaching kids about money, saving & spending. It’s never to early to start teaching your kids about money. They are learning money messages from you whether you realize it or not!

How to Ensure a Successful Retirement

By Bob Carlson, Forbes, 3/19/2021

The pandemic has allowed many of our clients a new frame to consider the aspects of their life they are eager to continue/returen to post-vaccination, and what they aren’t. How can this insight be incorporated into retirement planning? The answer? A Life Plan! George Kinder’s Three Questions are listed as a way to consider this kind of thinking in this Forbes article.

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Aging and Retirement Today and into the Future

By Helen Dennis, LA Daily News, 3/14/2021

This Los Angeles Daily News article discusses how COVID has affected aging & retirement, and how we want to prioritize our time moving forward, citing George’s Three Questions. Have your clients wanted to revisit their answers as a result of the pandemic?

Three Questions to Get Your Finances in Sync

By Eric Tashlein, New Haven Register, 3/12/2021

George Kinder’s Three Questions were listed in this New Haven Register article as a way for Life Planners to get to the heart of what matters most to their clients.

How a Cash Stash Can Help Retirees Keep Peace of Mind, If Not  Portfolio

By Neal Templin, Barron’s, 3/6/2021

Registered Life Planner Sheila Padden is quoted in this Barron’s article about how some retirees prefer a supplementary cash stash in addition to their portfolios. “I want people to live the lives they’ve always dreamed of,” Sheila says. For some, keeping cash is essential for a client’s peace of mind.

One More Day

By Mitch Custenborder, The Enlightened Long Game, 2/25/2021

Mitch Custenborder, CFP® presents the frame of George Kinder’s Third Question in his Enlightened Long Game blog and shares how he would spend his last day. Life Planners familiar with delivering the Three Questions to their clients know that this Third Question often uncovers what is profoundly important and most meaningful to their clients. While clients may interpret the question as what they would do on their last day on Earth, a skilled Life Planner will guide their client to instead focus on: what did you miss? who did you not get to be? what did you not get to do?

George Kinder’s Three Questions

By Walter Nguyen, Senior Resident, 2/22/2021

Dr. Walter Nguyen, a radiologist in HI, wrote about his own and his wife’s experience using George’s Three Questions on his post-medical school life blog called Senior Resident. He highlights a common discovery: couples don’t generally have the same answers…and he’s right when he says, that’s okay!

George Kinder: How to Perfect Client Meetings in the Zoom Era

By George Kinder, New Model Adviser, 2/19/2021

Advisers, need some tips for creating a strong client container over Zoom? George Kinder shares what we’ve learned at Kinder Institute of Life Planning over the past year running global Life Planning trainings on the platform.

George Kinder: Creating Powerful Online Client Engagement

By George Kinder, Financial Planning Today, 2/15/2021

Does remote working destroy the human interaction which is a key part of Financial Planning? George Kinder doesn’t think so. Instead, he says, “It is a call to action–to truly be a fiduciary to our clients, we must become proficient at creating exceptional client experiences in online environments.” This article can be found in Financial Planning Today.

Meet The Rebel Financial Advisor Helping Investors Save On Taxes

By William Baldwin, Forbes, 1/10/2021

In this Forbes article Registered Life Planner® Mark Astrinos, founder of Libra Wealth was interviewed about the changing investment landscape and the rise of wealth management firms that can both manage investment portfolios and expertly navigate the tax code.

Top Challenges 2021: #7 Saving for retirement

Medical Economics, 1/11/2021

Joel Greenwald, M.D., CFP, RLP, principal of Greenwald Wealth Management urges doctors to find a financial planner despite their usual passive approach to budgeting. He also explains the difference between several fee models for financial professionals.