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Corporate Trainings will help build

  • Client-advisor trust
  • Client retention
  • Scope of relationship and AUM
  • Client execution of advisory recommendations
  • New client referrals
  • Value of business and business efficiency

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  • EVOKE® Training – the methodology for client engagement
  • Seven Stages of Money Maturity® workshop
  • 6-month online group case-study Mentorship

Our Life Planning curriculum is a comprehensive set of programs that gradually introduce advisors to the key skills needed to build trust with clients by listening carefully and responding appropriately to their expressed needs. Graduates of the curriculum earn the Registered Life Planner® designation—an internationally recognized symbol of Life Planning proficiency and the only such designation in the field.

Our approach to Life Planning, refined over 15 years, has demonstrated that Life Planning skills are indeed trainable but that the training regimen must be highly experiential to give financial advisors the confidence to shift long-held practice habits.

Financial professionals are naturally more comfortable in the role of subject experts on taxation, investment management, estate planning and the like. Effective Life Planning however requires a willingness to engage a client at an emotional level. What is more emotional after all than death, divorce, the transition from work to retirement, or the contemplation of legacy? Such engagement requires relationship skills that must be seen and practiced in a live format.

The RLP® Mentorship is a continuation of the deep learning of the EVOKE® Life Planning training through case studies, peer support, group teleconferences and one-on-one guidance from an experienced mentor. “Real-life, back-home” client situations and practice challenges are explored during the six-month interactive program.

This is the third and final step in achieving the Registered Life Planner® (RLP®) designation.

This critical part of the curriculum deepens insight, knowledge, and skills in applying EVOKE® and the Seven Stages framework to life planning clients.

Case Studies

  • Each Mentee will present a real-life Life Planning Case they are working on.
  • Each case will be carefully considered by mentees and mentors for guidance, clarity and direction for the best client experience possible.

Group Teleconferences

  • Case Updates
  • Practice Management integration

Peer Support (1:1)

  • Share learning Experiences, insights, concerns and more
  • Support and coach each other in the mentorship process
    Individual mentee-mentor

(1:1) Conferences

One-on-One guidance from our expert mentors
Focuses on your specific needs and development

Presentations for large gatherings on topics such as:

  • Life Planning and the Future of Financial Planning
  • Creating Client-Centric Organizations
  • How to Cope with the Coming Changes in Financial Regulation
  • From the Ashes–Why Financial Advice is Broken and How to Fix It.

Introductory or topical one-hour on-line presentations about Life Planning and its applications. For interested managers, advisors, and support staff.

  • Founder, George Kinder CFP®, RLP® , is the father of the Life Planning movement and the recipient of numerous awards for leadership in the financial planning industry. He is the author of many books including The Seven Stages of Money Maturity, Lighting the Torch: The Kinder Method of Life Planning, and Life Planning for You: How to Design & Deliver the Life of Your Dreams as well as dozens of articles.
  • Concepts and trainings have been refined over many years based on feedback from thousands of participants.

Do you have specific training requirements or need a major change in strategic direction? We have programs that deliver transformation in business models from product sales to service. And of course, we have the resources to design custom programs and create profound change in your organization—even on multiple continents.

  • Training advisors in Life Planning methods for over 15 years
  • Large, experienced group of trainers
  • Experience in training advisors serving high-net worth, as well as, middle income clients
  • Familiar with practice management and implementation issues involved in this shift in
    client focus.
  • A series of trainings allowing advisors to gradually deepen their knowledge and ability.
  • The only organization with Life Planning training leading to a professional designation – the Registered Life Planner®.
  • Ongoing post-training support including monthly newsletters, webinars Mastery workshops.

Contact us today to get your staff trained in Life Planning 978-486-8053

I would like to say that the EVOKE® Life Planning Training was a ‘very enjoyable course’, but it wasn’t, it was actually the best working days that I have ever spent in my 23 years in banking. Totally excellent!!! I can’t wait to get back out there to lead my business in Life Planning. I have never attended anything like this before and I have never seen 100% of the attendees totally bought into taking it all on, as well as making amazing progress in their personal lives.

I was blown away by the level of trust among the participants; they revealed deep inner soul confidences that I would never have expected. Whilst I will always respect confidence, I am privileged to know more about them than I could ever have found out in years of working together, indeed, if ever.

I could go on and on and on……….George was fantastic and Louis was amazing and very, very switched on.  I can’t wait for the ‘follow up’ and to see everyone in action. If we do this right, we can’t fail to get our clients full ‘trusted’ status.”

I spent 28 years at Citi, and as a former Private Banker I was trained by Cannon Financial several times. They are a terrific organization. In fact, my first real trust training was done by Ted Riddlehuber, and I still use some of his phrases in dealing with trust issues. In the Cannon courses, the goal was to put product solutions in context with various client situations. We worked on how to spot product opportunities, and how to provide correct solutions for clients–very important training indeed.

The Kinder Institute took my approach to clients to a whole new level. The concept of taking a client through a specific process to discover life’s vision is revolutionary in the banking world. We were always taught to profile to uncover needs, but we did so asking the same profiling questions every other financial institution asks.

The Kinder Process helps clients unlock a vision of how they want to live life–not just when they retire, but right now. When we get that vision right it is an amazing moment of discovery. We then help them overcome any obstacles and implement real life changes. Only part of this process may include financial solutions that a bank can provide. There may be other human and intellectual capital required to implement the vision. That said, the advisor who helps clients implement life’s vision will NEVER lose those clients. It is the moment when you are really a true advisor–not just a provider of financial solutions.

Cannon is a terrific training organization to teach financial solutions, but it took George’s program to lead me to that true advisor space. His program is a real differentiator in a sea of financial provider sameness. As I have said to George many times, any financial institution that truly embraces the Life Planning Process (versus offering Life Planning as a product), will be positioned to lead in the wealth market. As you know, the wealth market is very fragmented in all countries, and that could be powerful. Please feel free to use me as a reference for the Kinder program anytime. By the way, I would be interested in who your colleagues are who used to work with Citi. I may know them!