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What is Life Planning?

Life Planning connects the dots between our financial realities and the lives we long to live. The Kinder Institute’s tools and trainings make it possible for financial planners and individuals alike to cultivate a Life Plan designed to deliver the most meaningful kind of freedom: The freedom to pursue life’s passions, wherever they may lead.

About the Kinder Institute of Life Planning

Kinder Institute of Life Planning provides experiential training courses to financial advisors worldwide. We provide ongoing support and education for the thousands of advisors and financial coaches who have trained with the Institute and adopted our client-centered Life Planning methodologies.

If you would like to speak to an advisor about Life Planning, we invite you to use our searchable Find A Life Planner database. Some of our advisors have completed our entire course of study and training including an intensive EVOKE® Life Planning advanced training and a subsequent 6-month mentorship program. These advisors earn our Registered Life Planner® designation which signifies that they have become Life Planning experts.


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