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Jeremy Squibb, RLP®

Before it Started
Casting my mind back to how I was before I started my journey, here’s how I must have seemed to those I encountered:

I was what could be described as a stereotypical financial adviser–not quite The Wolf of Wall Street, but certainly very egotistical and self-important. Add to this I was overweight, hadn’t exercised since I left school, and very quick tongued, quick to belittle others to make myself look good. I also lacked interest to further educate myself beyond the bare minimum, so I was not perhaps the greatest of role models. I just didn’t care what people thought of me or what I did. Maybe it was some of the company I was keeping, maybe it was the environments I found myself in (work, social circles, etc.), and maybe it was for the lack of a community of good, insightful, forward thinkers that could offer a supportive network to keep me moving forward.

The First Spark
My first encounter with Life Planning was in 2009/2010, when I saw an article featuring George Kinder and the Kinder Institute of Life Planning in one of the press publications. Instantly I was struck by this innovative and meaningful approach of working with clients; it was certainly something I wanted to investigate further. Unfortunately, at that time, I was not able to commit the finances to the training program, but I felt the faintest glimmer of a spark being lit inside and began to guide me.

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Sidney Divine

Each time I think about Life Planning and how it’s helped me, I can’t help but smile.

I first heard about Financial Life Planning when I was relatively new to the finance industry and eager to become successful. I had such a strong desire to do well that I decided to look up some of the top producers within my company to see if they’d be willing to speak with me about their achievements.

About five calls into the process, I spoke with a planner who left me with a lasting impression. What stood out about this conversation was the planner’s conviction.

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I had always thought of myself as a good listener.  I thought I was pretty empathetic.  But I had no idea how much more there was to learn! Read more

The subsequent Lighting the Torch workshop which I attended in Boston in June 2006 had a major impact on both my personal and professional life.  Read more>

I thought, “My God, how terrible to work your whole life and put off everything until a retirement that might never occur.  There has to be a way to balance the future and the present, to weave that together for a more satisfying life.” Read More

Embracing Life Planning as taught by the Kinder Institute has brought about a fundamental shift in both my personal life as well as my business.  It has enabled me to align Vision, Goals and Objectives which has consequently brought about clarity and a sense of purpose for me as the business owner, as an advisor to my clientele, as an employer, and most importantly as a husband and father. Read more >

I started in financial services in 1989.  Highland is an independent registered investment adviser firm with 4 employees providing financial planning and investment advisory services to retirees, families, corporate executives and business owners. Read more >

Q: How do you see your Life Planning Practice differ from the other Financial Planning Practices in the area?

Life Planning indeed is Financial Planning done well. The focus on the empathic and listening skills of the planner, the simple but strong structured and meaningful EVOKE® method, the connection between the logics of the brains and the singing sounds of heart’s desires… all of this makes a Life Planning Practice a real experience. Both for the client and the planner. Read more>

A: I was first exposed to life planning in 2003 and it has made a profound impact on my life, especially after completing the EVOKE® training and the mentorship. Read more>

Connecting money and meaning was something I already valued. The Kinder Institute’s  methods have given me a format for doing that which enhances the effectiveness of the work I already did. Read more>

We spoke with Lisa to get her thoughts on Life Planning and how she uses the insights she’s gleaned through her affiliation with the Kinder Institute over the years. Read more>