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New Model Adviser / Citywire UK

Kinder: Life Planning Can Increase Exit Value by Five Times


December 17 2010

Adviser profile: Luella Keeley reaches for a higher service

Luella Keeley has seen the light: to deliver the quality of service provided by life planning, you also need to look after yourself and your business. Read more


December 15 2010
Money Marketing

Bruce Wilson to step down as Helm Godfrey managing director

Bruce Wilson is stepping down as Helm Godfrey managing director in January 2011 to concentrate on financial planning service Project Eve.

This week’s Money Marketing reveals he will still advise at the firm but will spend most of his time on Project Eve, which he co-founded to promote George Kinder’s life planning concept to lower-income groups. Read more

December 02  2010
Financial Advisor Magazine

Retreating To Move Forward

Two years ago, I attended George Kinder’s two-day life-planning workshop and wrote a column about it. I was forced to admit that I had lost all my journalistic objectivity about Kinder’s life planning model. I took sides. Not silently but with great enthusiasm. Read More


November 14 2010

Here’s your chance to experience really good financial advice

November 12  2010
New Model Adviser® Edition – Citywire

How to engage more effectively with consumers


November 05 2010

Strategic Asset Managers to train staff as life coaches


October 2010

Thought Leader Round Table – Rebuilding Trust

Every year, in conjunction with the FPA National Conference, I invite a select few industry thought leaders to join me for a round table discussion. The topic varies from year to year, based on perceptions of what’s important for RIAs and other independent financial advisors to hear and think about. The most recent Thought Leaders’ Round Table, held October 10, 2010 in Denver, Colorado, did not disappoint. Download the round table discussion On Rebuilding Trust: Download PDF

October 10 2010
AdvisorOne – FPA Thought Leaders

Defining Advisor Value and Rebuilding Trust


October 06 2010
New Model Adviser® Edition – Citywire

Why FP shouldn’t be just for Wealthy


October 01 2010
Financial Advisor mag

Quietly Contrary: Some advisors find success by scorning conventional wisdom about size, growth and clientele.


June 1, 2010
Bank Investment Consultant

Examined Lives

Let’s compare two different people: one wins $1 million in the lottery, the other has an accident and loses the use of his legs. Which one will be happier with their life 12 months after these events? That’s easy. The lottery winner, right? In fact, research of actual Illinois State lottery winners and new paraplegics reveals an astonishing result. Members of both groups are equally happy with their lives a year later. Honestly! This wasn’t just one quirky bit of research, either. Dozens and dozens of well-designed studies have reached the same conclusion: We don’t have a very firm grasp on what truly makes us happy. Read more

March 12, 2010
San Antonio Business Journal

Getting to know you, better

Financial planners placing bigger emphasis on client’s values, life goals
Finance may be all about the numbers, but over the last 15 years, more and more financial planners aren’t starting with spreadsheets. Instead, they are delving into their clients’ emotions, values and hidden goals in a process that has become known as “life planning.” Read more

April 1, 2010
Financial Planning Magazine

The Philosopher

January 23, 2010
Financial Times

Enough money for a nice life
Doen wat je echt wilt –niet later maar nu- is een droom die veel menszen wegstoppen. Dat is nergens voor nodig, zo menen de zogeheten Life Planners. Read more