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Fee Point Turn

The shift to fee-based financial planning advice started 30 years ago in the US, but in the UK we’re just catching up. Life planning veteran George Kinder tells Dawn Cowie why that’s a good thing.Read more


December 2012
Eighty 20 Focus

The trouble with breathing a little and calling it life…

The most regretful people on earth” says poet Mary Oliver, “are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.
‘Of power and time’ 1995

I read that sentence the other morning and it stopped me in my tracks.

And so I’ve been thinking for awhile about what it might mean to give adequate power and time to some of the half understood creative callings that might from time to time have been ‘restive and uprising’ in my own life.

And, given the job I do, and in the context of the financial and business coaching conversations I have on a regular basis with all sorts of successful and busy – but not necessarily always  fully fulfilled – people, I’ve been thinking about money also. Money and its complementary role alongside power and time in ensuring that those restive creative uprisings that us individuals feel within us are fully facilitated and allowed to come to fruition.

So that we can avoid joining the ranks of the ‘most regretful people on earth‘.

The first helpful word that came to mind was ‘intentionality’. Read more


December 2012

Before Passing Along Valuables, Passing Along Values
Why legacies and life lessons are an increasingly important part of estate planning

Todd Fithian recently made a film for his four children.

“I took the time to capture my stories, life lessons and family traditions, many of which have been passed down to me from my parents,” says Mr. Fithian, a 43-year-old managing partner of Legacy Cos., a Hingham, Mass., consulting firm to financial advisers. “These things have a trickle-down effect, but rarely do we take the time to capture them.” Read more


November 2012
Martha’s Vinyard Magazine

Planning for Life

If you were to die tomorrow, what would you regret missing, not doing, or not being? It’s a probing question, and probably not one you’d expect from a financial planner, but that question is where “it all comes out,” according to Jill Hansen, the president of Hansen Financial MV in Vineyard Haven.Read more


October 16, 2012
Financial Planner, IFP Journal

George Kinder hopes to double number of Life Planners in UK

George Kinder, the US founder of the global Life Planning movement, believes the RDR will be the catalyst for more advisers making the step to Life Planning. Read more


October 11, 2012
New Model Advisor

How a focus on planning can enrich your firm and win over clients

In the first of a series of articles on developing a financial planning business, IFP chief executive Nick Cann explains the benefits of putting this model at the heart of your practice. Read more


August 15, 2012

How to become a financial planner

There is an increasing demand among qualified CFPs to consider some sort of Financial Life Planning qualification as a way of adding depth to their interactions with their clients. Financial Life Planning takes into account a client’s life situation, their hopes and dreams and brings these into play when planning their finances. Very popular in the US and UK, Financial Life Planning is steadily becoming accepted by the South African financial planning community. Read more


June 21, 2012

Kinder’s surprise: Rebuilding trust in advisers 

For George Kinder, there is one problem facing IFAs, whatever their style.
“Most consumers don’t trust financial advisers,” he said, outlining plans for his latest project: a book taking a topical look at the banking crisis, and encouraging consumers of the benefits of proper financial planning. Read more


June 20, 2012
Men’s Health

6 Money Habits That Hold You Back
Dig into your psyche to see why you keep making the same financial mistakes—then stop!

… Kinder has a theory about why no investment guide or financial calculator can help us make peace with our cash. When we’re children, he says, we’re innocent—blissfully ignorant of money or blindly accepting of what we’re told about it. Then we experience pain when we realize that we’re all enslaved to money in one way or another. As we grow up… Read more


June 9, 2012
The Telegraph

A new kind of financial adviser or a waste of money?

A new financial planning movement aims to transform your relationship with money.

Playing in a jazz band, working with animals or trekking across the Himalayas may not be the sort of things you would expect to talk to your financial adviser about. But getting back in touch with long-held pipe dreams is at the core of a fast-growing American financial advice movement that is spreading across the world. Read more


Happinez – The Netherlands

Wenn Geld keine Rolle splelt

Jeder von uns hats sie: Sehnsuchtuen und Träumed, die unsere Fantasie beflügeln und unser Verlangen wecken. Doch scheindt die Umsetzung oft an unseren finanziellen Löslichkeiten zu scheitern. Lebensplaner wie George Kinder helfen Menschen jedoch, ihre sehnlichsten Herzenswünsche zu begreifen und anschließend zu verwirklichen. Read more


March 21 2012
Work Goes Strong

Financial Planning Template: The One Thing You Must Know

Mary Rowland wrote about money for decades. Then she took a course that gave her a new financial planning template to revolutionize her life. Read more


March 21 2012
The Globe and Mail – Canada

Finding the key to your dream lifestyle

Considering just three hypothetical questions can help you formulate a solid financial plan, according to George Kinder, author of The Seven Stages of Money Maturity and founder of the financial life-planning movement. Focusing on your life’s calling, rather than just maximizing your wealth, is part of what this type of financial planning is all about. Or, as one blogger puts it, life planning is “the point where your money and your happiness intersect.” Read more


January 31 2012
New Model Advisor, powered by Citywire

IFAs plan legal aid-style financial advice service

Former New Model Adviser® cover stars, including Adam Young, Nigel Barker-Smith and Bruce Wilson, have teamed up to develop a financial advice equivalent to legal aid. The charity-funded scheme, set for launch in 2013, will give one-to-one life planning sessions to consumers who otherwise could not afford it. The project has been developed by the Life Planning Foundation, which was formed from life planning venture Project Eve. The Foundation is due to receive approval from the Charity Commission in the next fortnight. Read more


February 1 2012
Planning For Life Blog

Global Life Planning Conference 2012 report

An audio report on the Global Life Planning Conference held in London 26-27 Jan 12
Global Life Planning Conference 2012 report (mp3) 


January 31 2012
New Model Advisor, powered by Citywire

Life planning: Born in the USA, but taking root in the UK

Having visited the second UK life planning conference organized by the Kinder Institute, it is clear that, whatever you think of the movement, it’s becoming stronger. Read more


January 2012
Financial Planning Journal, India

Thought Leader

Financial Planning profession has been fast evolving and in the current times for a holistic engagement with clients it may be important for Financial Planners to move beyond just number crunching and delivering goal based Financial Planning services alone, as this may restrict them to deliver a plan only for monetary aspects of the clients’ lives. In this context Prashant Kapoor, Assistant Editor, Financial Planning Journal interacted with George Kinder, CFP®, RLP®, a leading author and the founder of Kinder Institute of Life planning,on various aspects of Life planning. Excerpts: Read more