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October 2013
Journal of Financial Planning, FPA

3 Financial Planning Scenarios: Which Would You Choose?

Greg walked into a financial adviser’s office. He was quickly sold on a product that could beat the market by a mile if it did what historically it had done over the past 15 years—well worth the sizeable commission he would pay to get those returns. Although there were additional costs to this investment, Greg, who thought of himself as a numbers guy, lacked the sophistication to see. That’s Scenario 1. Read more


June 9, 2013
Wall Street Journal

Investing the Downward Dog Way? Adviser Suggests Deep Breaths
Financial Planners Turn to Yoga, Meditation; Chanting in Sanskrit as the Market Gyrates

When the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new record this past March, Brent Kessel awoke at 3:30 a.m.

But the financial adviser, who co-founded a firm that manages more than $800 million, wasn’t up early because he was giddy about the market. He was hopping on a motor scooter in Mysore, India… Read more


July 17, 2013

George Kinder: 17 ways to make your clients trust you

Kinder Institute of Life Planning founder George Kinder believes the distrust among consumers in the financial services industry is “too thick” for one single idea to bring it back on track – so he gives 17 ways to rebuild it. Read more


May 4, 2013
Times Herald-Record

Your finances: Three Key Questions to Ask

“Feelings are our music. Music has feelings,” George Kinder told me. This is the type of comment one might expect from a conductor at a symphony. But I wasn’t at the symphony. I was attending a workshop of the award-winning life-planning trainer George Kinder. He was highlighting the importance of being able to empathize with the feelings our clients might have about money, especially painful financial experiences. The idea is that through life planning, we are able to help our clients break the cycle of pain and live an inspired life. Read more


April 27, 2013
Times Herald-Record

Your finances: Money and an inspired lifesue

“What’s the most joyful experience you remember having around money?”
That was one of the introductory questions we discussed at a two-day life-planning workshop I attended recently.
As you can tell from the question, this was not your typical financial planning workshop. The workshop was titled “The Seven Stages of Money Maturity” by George Kinder. There was no mention of investment style, diversification, asset allocation or saving for retirement. Instead, the conversation centered on the client and what makes the client tick. Read more


April 2013
Journal of Financial Planning

The Political Economics of Life Planning: Model Integrity, Deliver Freedom

The banking crisis has drawn a stark contrast between “business as usual” and the client-centered ideals we hold in financial planning and life planning. It is time for society to openly discuss the ongoing political and economic obstacles to the ideal in financial services of placing client interests first. What would be the implications for the consumer, for our economic system, for financial institutions, and indeed for civilization of a financial system whose central purpose was to model integrity and deliver freedom? Read more


March 6, 2013
Money Management

Life Planning a best interests issue

Planners can go some way towards meeting their ‘best interests” duty obligations by adopting a ‘life planning’ business model, according to AdviserQuest managing director Leyla Banaei. Read more


March, 2013
Journal of Financial Planning

March 2013 Starting Thoughts
The Beat Goes On

Congratulations, George! The March issue of the FPA Journal of Financial Planning announced that George Kinder is a new columnist who will write two columns a year. This begins in the April issue. Read more


February 27, 2013
Financial Times

Advisers have not moved away from sales, and why should we?

A few weeks ago I attended my local Institute of Financial Planning meeting. There was nothing unusual about that but the number of other people who turned up was unusual. It was one of the best-attended meetings I had been to, and only people such as George Kinder and Maria Nemeth have pulled in bigger audiences. I did not know the speaker, Lee Warren, and I suspect he was unknown to almost everyone else. But he still managed to attract a record crowd and I guess the topic had a lot to do with it – the talk was entitled How to Persuade Anyone to do Anything. Read more


February 6, 2013

4 ways to stay young like those Taco Bell seniors
Wherever you are on the spectrum, carpe diem

Have goals
George Kinder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning also thinks it’s wise to ask yourself the following questions: What would you do if you had all the money you needed or all the time? What would you do if you had only five to 10 years to live? And, what would you regret not having done if you learned you only had one day left to live? Read more


January 29, 2013
Financial Planner

Interview: Life planning founder George Kinder

Now the RDR has arrived, many Financial Planners may be thinking about value-added services for their clients. George Kinder of The Kinder Institute explains what his Life Planning approach offers. Read more


January 11, 2013
The Wall Street Journal

Seven Resolutions to Get Your Nest Egg in Shape
Be honest: You’re behind schedule in planning and saving for retirement. Here’s how to get back on track.

Still looking for just the right New Year’s resolution to kick off 2013? Try: “Get my retirement plan in order. Before it’s too late.” … The seeming magnitude of the task stops many people from taking action, but it’s almost never too late to start. Read more