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Stephen Brody, CFP®

Senior Financial Planner
Greenville Financial Advisors
223C Commerce Street
Greenville, NC 27858
United States
Phone: 252-321-0362
Training: Active Registered Life Planner® more info

Stephen's work as a financial life planner allows clients to be free from financial stress and worry so they are able to focus on creating and living happier, more inspired, and purpose driven lives. His process addresses every aspect of a clients financial life, both internal and external.

About My Practice
Greenville Financial Advisors is a 32-year old firm that is first and foremost a financial life planning firm. We are morally and ethically bound to work with clients who allow us to understand their full scenario. Only this way do we feel we can best give advice that connects your money and values with your life.

About Stephen Brody
Stephen is an RLP, CFP, and a ChFC. In addition he has a BSBE and MAED in business education from East Carolina University, and an EdD in Interdisciplinary Leadership from Creighton University where he pioneered groundbreaking research on the role of spirituality in financial life planning. He has long served as a lead financial educator in corporate settings as well as a faculty member in University and Community college settings. Currently he is a faculty member in the EdD in Interdisciplinary Leadership program at Creighton University. Stephen also serves as a coach, mentor, and life planner to other financial planners within the planning community. In addition, Stephen is a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator.

Ideal Clients
Clients who are likely to find the most success working with the practice and Stephen tend to be open caring people who are seeking to banish financial stress and worry so as to be able to focus on those areas of life they deem to truly be important such as family, friends, creating memories, connectiveness, health and wellness, and creative fulfillment. As a practice we do not have minimum fees or investment amounts to be accepted into the practice, rather we consider a clients core values and goals as the best indicator to a successful relationship.

Stephen's belief in education, hard work, and a sincere desire to serve clients and the greater good are the basis of his work. Financial life planning and helping clients live their greatest life is the work he was put here to do. With 32 years of experience he has become known as an inspiring leader within the planning relationship and someone with the head and heart to take the most complex aspects of a person's life and bring order and simplicity to once was chaotic and random. His calm and peaceful presence coupled with an innate ability to hear clients enables him to facilitate a patiently persistent process to empower clients to live into their greatest dreams.


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