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Bill Stadler, CFP®

Next Act Financial Planning LLC
Trumbull, CT 06611
United States
Phone: 203-816-0711
Training: Registered Life Planner® more info

Senior Life Planning Specialist

About My Practice

The mission of Next Act Financial Planning is to provide education, planning, and ongoing support to families and individuals who are confronting the aging process, while trying to understand the confusing mix of services available.

The goal is to help you:

  • Better anticipate the challenges coming as your loved one ages
  • Understand the continuum of services available to support them through these challenges
  • Analyze the best funding strategies and options, based on available resources
  • Learn about the available local resources and consider how to prioritize the options

The outcome is a Senior Life Action Plan

1. Identify personal lifestyle goals built on the individual's personality and current preferences

  • Understand the options along the continuum of care as we age
  • What are the pros and cons of different directions based on personality, as well as current and expected health

2. Identify the resources & obstacles

  • Financial resources
  • "Other resources" - family, friends, personal skills, amount of positive energy & attitude
  • Specific health concerns - physical, mental, emotional
  • Location, location, location

3. Build the knowledge of detailed options - short and long term

  • Build a structure for execution
  • Narrow Living and support options
  • Funding strategies including: best asset draw down strategies, where Medicare and Medicaid fit in, long term care insurance, and line of credit/reverse mortgage considerations

4. Steps to execution

  • Tie in identified goals, obstacles, & resources (financial & non-financial), to build detailed short and long term steps to reach the desired outcomes

About Bill Stadler

I’m a Certified Financial Planner®, and a Registered Life Planner® through the Kinder Institute of Life Planning.

I worked for Fidelity Investments for eight years, in offices as diverse as Portland, ME and Greenwich, CT. After leaving Fidelity, I sought out a more "whole person" approach to financial planning, which led me to the Kinder Institute of Life Planning . Focusing more time & energy on a client’s goals for life - the most important part of any financial plan - it simply is “financial planning done right”.

After my time at Fidelity, I operated an independent Investment Advisory firm focused on personal financial planning. Unable to generate growth quickly enough to justify the independent business, I closed those doors after four years of operation. I currently work for a small university in Waterbury, CT - Post University. I teach a financial planning class and work with our international students to help them navigate the ever-changing US student visa system.

I've started Next Act Financial Planning as a part-time service, because there is a need. I believe there is a great need for education, direction, and support as we each confront the realities brought on by our aging parents, or face the complications of increasing age ourselves. Where to live or how to age in place, and whichever path we take, understanding how to draw the right supports around us.

Ideal Clients
Seniors and Children of Seniors who are planning for the transitions of health, independance, and safety which may accompany them when entering "Elderhood" (generally considered to be about ages 75 - 100).

No asset minimums


Fee-only - Mostly flat fees

No conflicts of interest through commissions, sales goals, or referral fees.

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