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Peter Maxwell-Lyte

Financial and Life Planner
Maxlyte Financial Limited
16 Stone House, 9 Weymouth Street
Marylebone, London W1W 6DB
UK, England
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7993 2882
Training: Active Registered Life Planner® more info

Financial Planning

Put simply, I can help you sort out your Finances – and your Future! Primarily my expertise and experience cover:
– Equity Release
– Retirement Preparation
– 'Decumulation' advice - the financial equivalent of what gardeners call 'pruning'!
– Private Medical Insurance

About My Practice
My Practice carries no passengers.

All my professional support staff are appropriately qualified and hand-picked by me. Their support roles are dedicated to liberating the maximum time possible for me in to invest in financial planning and face-to-face communication with my Clients.


Since my Damascene experience eight years ago, I have developed a passion for Passive Funds - provided they are actively managed in practice!

To this end, I have an excellent professional relationship with a company with the somewhat unfortunate name of "Dodge & Cox", who have a first-class record in US active fund management.

About Peter Maxwell-Lyte
Eight years ago, I survived a near-death experience.

This resulted in two things:
– One, a massive claim on my Critical Insurance plan
– Two, a fundamental change in how I now value life itself

For the first time in my life, I fully realised how vitally important Life Planning really is – because we all have so much that is worth protecting!

In my case, I am married, with a beautiful young daughter, who keeps my focus 'immediate' and youthful.

I love my work and I have no desire to stop working. I believe my experience is unique to me and can be extremely valuable when shared with other people – including perhaps you, dear reader!

And I have a lot of excellent experience on which to draw, namely …

In 1983, I started in Financial Services with a specialist company called Teachers Assurance, moving on to Allied Dunbar and Zurich for some 18 consecutive years, which both broadened and deepened my experience in investment and pension planning.

In 2004, I became an Independent Financial Adviser and joined the Positive Solutions network.

In 2012, I operated within the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority.

More recently, I opted for Restricted Financial Adviser status, as paradoxically I find that this gives me the freedom to match investment opportunities, as I see them, to my client's attitude to risk as we define it together - while keeping all costs involved in the process to a minimum!

As Albert Einstein once put it, my objective is "to make things as simple as possible - but no simpler!"

My personal objective is to deliver outstanding individual service, while providing unbeatable value for the money and time invested in each case

Ideal Clients
Predictably, given my office base in London SW1, geographically my current client list shows a strong South-Eastern bias.

In terms of age, my youngest client is 20-something and my oldest is 90-something.

In sterling terms, portfolio values range from under £20K to over £1 million.

In reality, I am more than happy to offer my services anywhere within the British Isles - or even abroad, if that is appropriate.

I really will 'go to any lengths' and one of the benefits that I find with new technology is that in many ways distance really is mainly 'psychological'.

I encourage my Clients to check the value of their investments, if they so wish, by accessing their own individual websites, which I can set up for them, and to store confidential information securely on their own personal cloud.

Personally, I am accessible 24/7 on my mobile or via email.

– Registered Life Planner®
– Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)
– Member of the Equity Release Council
– Member of the Later Life Academy (which focuses on Equity Release and Longer-term Care)

My standard Terms of Business are printed and adapted by agreement for each individual Client.

They are renewed afresh every 12 months.

I am encouraged by a steady stream of positive feedback from both established and new clients, who tell me they value both the style and the substance of the services, which I provide.

If you would like me to explore your situation, confidentially and without any obligation, please call me any time on my mobile: 077100 65700 or landline 020 7993 2882
Or email me:

Thank you.

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