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Jos G.C. Drees, CFP®

Master Financial Life Planning
Drees Life Services
Jaarsbeurslaan 17 B12
Limburg, Vlaanderen BE-3600
Phone: +32495182899
Training: Active Registered Life Planner® more info

Ideal Clients
Our clients are entrepreneurs living in Belgium that have a busy and successfull company. They mostly want to live their lives to the fullest, work less and spend more time on goals that come straight from their hearts. Attention for people they care about, quality time amongst familymembers. At the same time they want to be 100% reassured that all financial questions have been met. Through family, friends or accountants they get referred to us. A first meeting is all about them, their values and wishes. That is seen as refreshing and warmly client-centered. An intake-discovery conversation can be done through videocall and gives the prospective client and us the chance to establish a first level of trust. 30 minutes we give away for free, if you come recommended.

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