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Sam Whybrow, CFP® AFPS RLP®

Chartered Financial Planner
Thanks Wealth Planning Ltd
3rd Floor
86-90 Paul Street
London, EC2A 4NE
UK, England
Phone: 0203 828 7107
Mobile: 0756 352 9918
Training: Registered Life Planner® more info

As a Chartered Financial Planner, I ensure the advice, service and on-going support I provide is of the highest quality and based on researched needs. I adhere to a strict Code of Ethics; as a Certified Financial Planner, I am tested to make sure I meet rigorous international competency, ethical and professional practice standards. The CFP certification is the only globally recognised mark of professionalism for Financial Planners. As a Registered Life Planner®, I am non-judgmental, impartial & progressive. This part of my work adds purpose and fun to financial planning as it creates financial freedom for you. My clients are also more informed, mindful and in control of their future and finances.

I am experienced in many areas of wealth planning; pensions, retirement, investments, tax, protection, risk management, income strategies and estate tax mitigation. More often than not I significantly improve the charges my clients pay, save tax, protect and grow their wealth and offer access to an academically proven investment strategy that improves your chances of financial success. Wealth planning is about connecting money with your life goals to make it work for you not the other way round. I am particularly skilled in this area. It is also about matching the most suitable, best solution to suit your needs and improve your financial position. Being independent, I have the whole market to choose from so can offer you the best of what is on offer and ensure everything we do matches your needs.

About My Practice
The Thanks Wealth Planning mission is to; 1. develop and maintain close bonds with our clients, to help them realise their most profound life goals 2. ensure every financial decision is meaningful and carefully considered. 3. deliver financial empowerment and outcomes that help our clients live the life they want. 4. reduce the financial noise that can cause anxiety and harmful financial decision making.

About Sam Whybrow
I am one of only a few IFAs in the UK, to be a Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Planner and Registered Life Planner®, meaning I am uniquely qualified to work with anyone with financial issues, concerns, aspirations or a desire to better themselves. Ultimately, I will help you answer the three big financial questions: “Will I be alright….?”, “Can I afford to….?”, “What happens if….?” At my best, I provide inspiring wealth planning by working with you to ensure that every financial decision you/we make is clearly thought out, financially sound, and, importantly meaningful. Wealth planning with me improves your bottom line, removes the hassle for you, saves you time and helps you reach your goal as efficiently and effectively as possible. Engaging me will improve your financial proficiency whilst being fun, fair and inclusive. Experience a better way of wealth planning. I help improve your probability of success and the control you have of your financial future. Being voted one of the top 50 advisers on Vouchedfor, based on my client testimonials, is evidence of this.

Ideal Clients
Our ideal client is curious. However typically we work with private individuals, couples and families where we can add significant value to preserve wealth by improving our clients' investment experience, enhance wealth with careful tax planning, protect wealth from catastrophic loss and transfer wealth to heirs.

We operate a fair pricing philosophy as: 1. We understand that our clients value certainty. 2. We subscribe to a set of beliefs and values which underpins our commitment to maximising the value we provide to our clients. 3. In communicating that value, we have developed a modular service and pricing structure. 4. Our clients know exactly what service they're getting and what price they are paying in a clear and transparent way. 5. Proposals for ad hoc work and ongoing services are created in a matter of minutes and delivered in real time. 6. Collaboratively our clients and we create a service and pricing structure that is tailored to their circumstances and needs. In recognition of this we are proud to be awarded a "Clear & Transparent Pricing Award”. Contact us to receive your tailored proposal in minutes.

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