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Frankie Corrado, CFP®, RLP®

Managing Director
Robertson Stephens
101 Crawfords Corner Road
Suite 1-104R
Holmdel, NJ 07733
United States
Phone: 732-588-6447
Training: Active Registered Life Planner® more info

Comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, investment management, tax planning and preparation, estate planning, insurance planning, education planning, sudden wealth, life and work transitions, executive compensation, optimal life planning

About My Practice
Robertson Stephens is a planning-focused and investment-led wealth manager with a broader and deeper perspective of wealth that includes legacy, family, relationships, and ultimately your optimal life.

About Frankie Corrado
I was fortunate enough to graduate from Boston College in 2006 and went on to work for Anderson Tax, focusing my time and energy on tax planning, tax preparation, and tax minimization strategies. After realizing I wanted to broaden my horizon's, I moved towards being a comprehensive financial planner, which I began in 2010. I received my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in the Spring of 2012 and have been working directly with clients ever since. In 2014, my father and I began a new venture, Blue Blaze. During my years of service as a CFP, I have seen and advised on a number of unique and challenging situations that require a deep understanding of both the client situation and the technical aspects of financial planning. Using my experience and knowledge, I have helped guide clients towards the optimal solution or decision. In the fall of 2019, Blue Blaze merged into Robertson Stephens Wealth Management, where were able to broaden our reach of life planning clients and bring financial life guidance to more people. In addition to my work as a Managing Director at Robertson Stephens, I try to lead an active lifestyle, filled with outdoor activities with my wife Sarah and daughter, Phoebe.

Ideal Clients
Our ideal client is viewed in terms of attitude, not finances. It’s not about what you own, but what you aspire to achieve. It’s not about how much you make, but you passion to seek greater potential. It’s not about your financial acumen, but your willingness to learn. We believe our firm works most effectively with people who share some or all of the following characteristics: -A desire to live a more meaningful life. -An open mind and a willingness to creatively brainstorm with us--to engage in a continuing dialogue about the goals that drive their life values. -An understanding that there are many ways to live and an openness to exploring their choices. -A willingness to make a shift in behavior if it furthers their long term goals. -Recognition that we don’t have all the answers, and that financial planning -- like life—is not an exact science, but rather an ongoing process that will evolve and adapt to the inevitable changes in your situation. -Realistic investment objectives and a willingness to communicate those expectations to our firm clearly. -Sufficient trust in us and our advice that you commit to ignoring all financial porn (CNBC, financial magazines, well-intended co-workers, friends, relatives, and neighbors). -A commitment to hold up your end of the engagement by delivering financial information and completing the necessary tasks in a timely manner. -A desire to organize your finances, understand your situation and develop a plan to achieve your goals. -A willingness to delegate unwanted work to a professional financial advocate on an ongoing basis including coordinating various professional relationships. -A recognition that big goals can be achieved by making small changes consistently over time.

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