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Gillian Cardy

Red Kites Money
12 rue Aristide Briand
Carcassonne, Aude 11500
Phone: +44(0)7966756655
Mobile: +33(0)757485409
Training: Active Registered Life Planner® more info

I will help you to understand the most important things in your life and how to make the best use of your finances to make them happen. Sooner rather than later. I do not provide regulated financial advice, but I can help you understand financial matters, and help you take control of your finances. And I will let you know when you really do need to find an authorised adviser - I have a list of people I trust!

About My Practice
Red Kites Money is a new business, born out of the excitement and energy I experienced when going through my own EVOKE Life Planning exercise. Knowing that most Financial Life Planners offer their services as part of a wider planning and investment offering for wealthier clients, I decided to focus on making fee only Financial Life Planning available to those who for whatever reason do not have an adviser. You may have insufficient income or assets to meet adviser criteria. You may be a DIY investor. You may just be wary of conventional sales based advice services. You may be at a crossroads in your life, or have suddenly received an inheritance, gift, or financial settlement and cannot decide how to approach the situation. Whatever the circumstances, I can help you to discover your personal and financial objectives and make sure your money goes to work to make them happen! Sooner rather than later!

Ideal Clients
I have, as part of my training, experienced Life Planning in my own life. This is why I am now living in France and helping others live the life of which they have always dreamed (which doesn't have to be in France, of course!). The process of understanding the most important things in my life, holding that dream at the forefront of my planning, and addressing the obstacles to all aspects of living my best life has been a most powerful, and empowering experience. And everyone, whatever their age, gender, background, wealth or current circumstances deserves to feel that sense of driving energy in their life, which emerges from the Financial Life Planning process.

BA(Hons) MBA Registered Life Planner Chartered Financial Planner Fellow of the Personal Finance Society

I charge fixed fees for my services. I have no affiliations with any financial institutions, and I am therefore completely impartial and free of actual or potential conflicts of interest when discussing your personal, financial and life goals.

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