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Pietie Jeelof

Financial Wise
Koningin Emmalaan 26
Leidschendam, Zuid-Holland 2264 SK
Phone: +31(0)703000208
Training: Registered Life Planner® more info

I am specialized in adressing life planning followed by financial planning. The advices I give in the financial plan can be executed by my office aswell in the area of mortgages, asset planning and advise and life policies.

About My Practice
I have started my own compagny from scratch: as a mortgage adviser. This after I had resigned again from corporate career to give birth to my two children, I wanted to be close by and started in 2006 Financial Wise. After that I kept on studying and became a financial planner. Today I am a life planner, a financial planner and I also take care of the implementation of my advises. So you do not have to swtich to other advisors and start all over again. I

About Pietie Jeelof
I am born as a Frisian girl what means that I am honest and straight forward..:) As a young girl I have started Life Planning myself because I had dream to travel the world and started dedicated a saving plan. After 8 years of career in the corperate world I resigned and started my travel for 1,5 years. The best decision ever ;) Meanwhile 25 years later, life has given me some life events (children, seperation, 2nd marriage) and all this experiences I can use in my passion today: helping others to live their dream. My skills are the translation of vision into action and implementation. I have done this in the corperate world for 18 years and in my own compagny for 14 years now. I have a lot of women as clients.. My passion is helping others to live their desired life and beside that another passion is we love to sail... In our life planning a yearly holiday of 6 weeks to sail is incorperated..:)

Ideal Clients
My ideal client is self aware and on a turning point in life. I like to work with women because I understand them better but I also like to work with a couple (gender not important)..

I have a lot of qualifications, from study and also from practice. I started as a technical business engeneer but this is long ago. After that I have studied psychology and financial planning. Using NLP and life planning skills I think I can offer you a lot.

My compensation is fee-based. The lifeplanning process including financial planning and financial advise I have a fixed rate of 2 times 1500 euro. This is for the private client and for a business client I have to do more in the financial planning part there is an additional 500 euro, total 3500 (excl VAT).

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