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Madelon Aimee van Beek-Vollebregt

Means in Progress B.V.
Bennekom, Gelderland 6721 KN
Training: Active Registered Life Planner® more info

About Madelon van Beek-Vollebregt
After gaining a PhD in medical sciences as a Master of Science in both Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Madelon decided to become RLP in 2020. She was registered as Life Planning in 2021. Bridging the gaps between her different fields of knowledge brings tremendous value. Madelon now not only works as RLP, but is also involved as a trainer in the program to become Life Planner. Education background: 2021: RLP 2016: PhD in medical sciences ( 2016: University Teaching Qualification 2012: MSc Cognitive Neuroscience 2010: MSc Neuropsychology 2008: BSc Psychology

Ideal Clients
Madelon wishes a fulfilled life to everyone and therefore does not apply any restrictions with respect to age range, gender, interest, or any other form of categorization to acceptance of her clients. During a Life Planning trajectory, Madelon helps clients to find what is important to them, to prioritize what is most important to them, and to create an action plan that would lead to the most fulfilling life possible. Not being a financial planner herself, Madelon does not provide financial advice. If necessary, possibilities to include a financial advice that fits the created action plans could always be discussed and subsequently created by one of her connections.


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