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The Kinder Institute trains and coaches financial advisors worldwide in a method we call financial Life Planning. This method is based on the premise that advisors should first discover a client’s most essential goals in life before formulating a financial plan, so a client’s finances fully support those goals.

This may sound elementary but few of us spontaneously undertake a thoughtful inquiry into our deepest and most enduring values and objectives. Traditionally financial advisors have focused on the numbers—budgeting, investments, taxes, or insurance–without exploring the broader context.

They rarely ask questions like:

“If you had more time or money, what would you do?”

“What do you want to accomplish or attain so you will feel that you’ve had a life well-lived?”

“What moves, touches, or inspires you?”

Our advisors are trained to ask such questions and, just as important, listen to your answers. They therefore become your partner in clarifying and achieving your most meaningful and deeply felt aspirations. We call it Life Planning because what’s really important isn’t your money, it’s your life.

The Kinder Institute has trained Life Planners around the world. From individual advisors to big firm financial planners, they’re all focused on you.

Here’s how to find them.

Life Planning for You website

We’ve built a free online tool you can use to build your own financial Life Plan, best used in concert with George Kinder’s book, Life Planning for You.

Happy Life Planning!

Life Planning for You

Most of us tend to think about the things we’d like to do in our lives in terms of the money required to make them happen. This vacation costs this much. That house (or vacation home) costs that much. So we’re often setting aside the day to day life we want to lead as a means to accumulate the money necessary to get the things we want, later. Life Planning turns this around.

Nobody has ever wanted their life to be all about owning a diversified portfolio. Rather, a diversified portfolio makes possible the things we want to do with our lives . But what are those things?

Life Planning is the process of discovering the full life we long to live and making it happen, no matter where we start. Whether you want to work with a Life Planner or do it yourself, we’ve got all the help you need right here in one place.

We call it Life Planning because what’s really important is your LIFE, not your money.

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Life Planning for You

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