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Preparing for the Upcoming Recession

By Brian Thompson, Forbes, 11/24/2019

Brian Thompson, an attendee of a Kinder Institute 2-Day Seven Stages of Money Maturity Workshop, explains how a life planner “puts your interests first and focuses on increasing your sense of financial well-being. So, we help you do things like clarify your values, goals and dreams. We then use that vision to help design a life that is fulfilling and purposeful. In addition, we increase your understanding of specific habits that help support your financial and life goals. Lastly, we deal with emotional conflicts around money.

Financial planning founders started a movement — and created a profession

Investment News, 9/14/2019

George Kinder is listed as one of 20 people who helped shape the financial planning industry in InvestmentNews’s “50th anniversary of financial planning’“ cover story.

“George Kinder is widely viewed as the father of the life-planning movement, heralding an era in which financial advisers intertwine ideas of human emotion with financial decision-making . . . [to] help clients follow their dreams.”

‘Life planning helps shift focus from returns to life’

By Ravi Samalad, Morningstar News, 8/20/2019

This article is a profile of RLP® Indresh Malik and how he uses life planning in his practice.

George Kinder: Life Planning at the Service of the Earth

By Willem Vreeswijk, New Financial Forum, 7/15/2019

This article summarizes George’s speech at a life planning event in the Netherlands. His latest book, A Golden Civilization and the importance of meditation as they relate to life planning, were both discussed.