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George Kinder, In addition to being a Mindfulness Teacher, Poet, and Philosopher; George Kinder has revolutionized the field of financial advice over the past 20 years. Considered the father of the Life Planning movement, his network of over 3,000 advisors are active in 30 countries covering six continents. George has given keynotes around the world, and has won many awards for being one of the most influential people in the financial services industry. Most notably, George has been recognized as being the first of the 15 most transformational financial advisers who changed the industry, and in 2016 was acknowledged as one of the top 20 financial Innovators on InvestmentNews’ Icons and Innovators list.

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Louis Vollebregt, Louis has studied psychology with the University of Groningen and made a career in financial services. He has 22 years experience in various management and sales positions with Equity & Law/AXA in the Netherlands and developed leading financial planning programs for financial advisers. In 2004 he founded his own business, Means in Progress, and remains an active executive management coach and trainer focused on business and personal effectiveness; his clients include several large insurance companies.

For the past nine years, he has incorporated Life Planning into his practice and has been an international trainer and mentor with the Kinder Institute, working with financial advisers from around the world.

Louis is also a personal Life Planner for entrepreneurs and acts as a mediator of complex business dissolutions.

Article by Louis Vollebregt

Life Planning a Universal approach to Financial Planning

Nigel Barker-Smith, Nigel is a founding Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), and one of the UK’s leading trainer of Financial Life Planning. He’s worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years and is committed to using his knowledge and experience to transform the way it operates, ensuring more people benefit from financial plans that get profound results.

Nigel became an RLP in 2011 after being drawn to take the 2-Day workshop in London. As a bit of background, Nigel left school to work in a bank as a teller. A few years in, he came to realize that the leads he was passing his friend, an adviser, were earning him six times more money than what he was making, so he too became an adviser. But after 14 years he saw himself as a glorified salesman and became frustrated with targets, even though his production was sixth in the country out of 2,500 advisers.

He became self-employed and built a business that grew to 10 advisers, but he became frustrated again realizing that it was all about the money. Something was missing, which fell on deaf ears in that firm. In a short space of time, Nigel was drawn to a business coach, who helped him see the bigger picture, and he found George Kinder’s work which reminded him that money is just a facilitator. He calls attending the Seven Stages of Money Maturity “a life changer”.

He sold his shares and left the previous business to set up on his own to enable him to practice and preach financial planning done properly. Since becoming an RLP in 2011, he has developed into a Kinder Institute trainer. He has been involved in about 10 5-Day workshops and has had the privilege and enjoyment of leading the last two. As we all know, these are truly magnificent weeks to experience.

When he’s not helping clients live their dreams, Nigel is an avid sports enthusiast. He enjoys playing golf, watching American Football and being a local football referee. He spends most winter weekends watching his two sons playing football, and the summer on the Scottish coast.

Nigel’s an active member of the local chamber of commerce and champions local, independent businesses to help owners and the local area to succeed.

Joel Gluck, MEd, RDT, RLP, is a coach, therapist, Registered Life Planner, and certified trainer and mentor with the Kinder Institute. With George Kinder, Joel designed and developed the Life Planning for You website, selected by the Wall Street Journal as the best in its category. Joel is an executive coach and leadership trainer with over 20 years of experience, working on five continents in companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to non-profits, as well as through his work with the executive education programs of the Harvard Business School, Columbia, the Kellogg School of Management, Duke, and others. Joel studied computer science at MIT, and psychology and creative arts therapy at Lesley University. He has had a daily practice of meditation for 20 years, and has taught mindfulness to groups ranging from prison inmates to corporate executives. Joel lives in Belmont, MA with his wife and two children.

Lisa A.K. Kirchenbauer, CFP®, RLP®,CeFT® has been a RLP since 2005, and has been a CFP since 1991.  Her firm, Omega Wealth Management, was founded in 1999 and since 2004 has been a fee-only firm with a focus on working with successful entrepreneurs and people in significant transition.  In 2005, she fully incorporated the EVOKE process into her client offering and utilizes a retainer and smaller AUM fee model when working with most clients.  Lisa has served as a Kinder trainer and mentor over the years and has had some of her team members take the training as well.  She has a passion for helping other advisors be as successful as possible in integrating their business and personal lives.  One of Lisa’s enduring 3rd question answers is to “have a positive and significant impact on as many people as possible.”  In 2014, she created “The 5 Essential Skills of an Exceptional Planner” and has presented these skills at FPA BE in the US, and to advisors in India, Holland and Australia. She recently released a book under the same title and was inspired to write about these skills because they are integral to the life planning work and EVOKE process.  Lisa lives in the Washington, DC area and is married to Jim, and has three boys:  John, David & Robert.  Lisa’s own RLP is Beth Jones, CFP®, RLP®, CeFT®.

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Kathy Lubar -Registered Life Planner® and trainer at Kinder Institute. In the past thirty years, Kathy has co-founded and co-led two companies, The New Repertory Theatre, a non-profit theatre, and The Ariel Group, a global leadership development company using a theatre based methodology. She has trained and coached leaders at the top level of Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as leaders of non-profits. She co-authored a best-selling book, Leadership Presence, Dramatic Techniques to Reach Out, Motivate and Inspire, and has spoken at national and international conferences on the subject of leadership. She has taught executive education programs on leadership presence over the course of two decades including those at Harvard, Columbia, Kellogg, and Darden. Kathy acted professionally for fifteen years, performing in New York and Boston, and playing lead roles in a number of national tours. She has been featured in Investor’s Business Daily, Fast Company, Boston Magazine, Harvard Management Communication Letter, and on CNBC. She has been a serious meditator for over three decades studying with various teachers and now teaches mindfulness in schools. Join Kathy as she coleads the October Life Planning Mastery with George, and learn from her the leadership presence required to facilitate conversations in your communities.

Randy Gardner – Randy Gardner is the Founder of Goals Gap Planning, LLC, a holistic, personal financial planning firm, providing group and one-on-one financial education to professionals and individuals.  Randy also works as a tax and estate planning attorney with Estate Plan, Inc.  Previously, Randy was a Professor of Tax and Estate Planning at the University of Missouri.  He has taught and practiced for over 35 years.

  Randy is the coauthor of the books, The Closing Wealth Transfer Window (with Leslie Daff), 101 Tax Saving Ideas (with Julie Welch), and Tools and Techniques of Income Tax Planning, and co-editor of WealthCounsel Estate Planning Strategies (with Leslie Daff).  Randy serves on the Editorial Board of The Journal of Financial Planning and has written over 100 articles for publications, such as The Journal of Financial PlanningTaxation for AccountantsPractical Tax Strategies, and Tax Adviser.

Randy earned: a Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, from Harvard University; his JD and MBA degrees from the University of Kansas; and a Master of Laws in Taxation from the University of Missouri.

Randy lives and works in Laguna Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

Mary Zimmerman RLP®, CFP®
After 25 years of working with people and money in a thriving tax practice, I became a Certified Financial Planner in 2000 and, looking to expand my planning skills, took George Kinder’s Seven Stages of Money Maturity®workshop in 2002. Four hundred different clients pass through my door during the first four months of each year. I had always thought of myself as a good listener. I thought I was pretty empathetic. But I had no idea how much more there was to learn!

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Dr. Ed Jacobson is an executive coach and business consultant. Ed has worked with financial leaders for 20 years. Ed is an expert in helping C-level executives, planners, and advisors create next level business growth and personal fulfillment. Ed has pioneered the introduction of positive psychology and neuroscience in the industry through his Positive Financial Planning© framework. Ed is the author of the book, Appreciative Moments, and numerous articles published in leading financial journals.

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Rosemarie McKinnon is a CFP with one of Canada’s largest financial planning companies, IG Wealth Management for over 20 years.

She became Canada’s first female RLP in 2010 and brings the EVOKE process as a value-added experience to her clients. EVOKE is the way she does financial planning

Scott, Frank is the founder of Stone Steps Financial, a financial life planning firm in Encinitas, California, where he helps clients align money with life.  Scott is highly trained in the fields of financial life planning and investment management having earned the Certified Financial Planner™ certification (CFP), Registered Life Planner® (RLP), and the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation (CFA).  When Scott’s not geeking out on financial news or white papers you’ll find him surfing with friends (Stone Steps is named for a surf break just a few minutes north of my house), running along the Pacific Coast Highway, or spending time with his family.